Halle Beams Happiness Despite Living With Pfeiffer Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Pfeiffer Syndrome? Chances are you haven’t - Pfeiffer syndrome only occurs in about 1 of every 100,000 children. It is a genetic disorder that affects bones of the skull, hands and feet. The overall shape of the head and face are affected due to the premature fusion of certain said bones in the skull. Halle was one of the 100,000 children born with Pfeiffer Syndrome. At 5 weeks old Halle had her skull completely removed to relieve pressure and give her brain room to grow. But that was not the only surgery she had to endure, as she had two others. Halle is an AMAZING 1 year old. Despite everything she’s gone through, there are countless pictures of her adorable smile to show she isn’t defeated and she will not be defeated. Thank you so much to Halle and her family for allowing us to share her story. The love she receives from her family is evident and she is so blessed.