Julia Smiles Through Her Heart Defects

This is Julia - although she looks like a happy, adorable baby… her life has not always been easy. In utero, Julia was diagnosed with several congenital heart defects. After being born, she spent her first eight months of her life in the Cardiac intensive care unit… she underwent four open heart surgeries and numerous cardiac caths. Despite all the efforts, Julia’s heart did not get better. Julia has now relocated to a different part of Florida. She has been listed as status 1A on the UNOS transplant list and is awaiting a heart transplant. Affected children show you how precious and fragile life is - nothing is certain. Julia’s family cannot change or control what has happened in the past, they can only hope for a brighter future. What they can control is their attitude about their situation, and they are smiling and radiating positivity through and through! A huge thanks to Julia and her family - your story is one to be told and we appreciate you allowing us to. Keep smiling - it may be stormy now but it can’t rain forever!