Love the fact that Fenrici is a feel-good brand too - our backpack, called "Kindness" came with a note that said "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop... It's just what our world needs a reminder of, and would be really cool for a kid to keep in their backpack with them at school to remind them to be kind to everyone.

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"They're durable and have plenty of pockets and a laptop sleeve for keeping organized AND they donate to kids and families impacted by rare childhood diseases," said one mom. Sold!


I am so excited to have bought this backpack for my daughter. The design itself is great and I love how each design has a name. I got “Gratitude” and it is gorgeous. The quality of the backpack is wonderful. It is sturdy and comfortable to wear. I love the reflective strips on the shoulder straps and around the front. 

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My daughter opened it immediately and found an inspirational message inside. She loved it. I loved the amount of pockets. My daughter carries a lot of stuff to school and it weighs her down. This backpack has a pocket for everything and keeps it secure so it doesn’t drop to the bottom of the bag and pull on her back.

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Really important to have a great backpack. Fenrici backpack is the one!

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Absolutely incredible. Super sturdy! Fenrici backpack has pretty much everything you need in a backpack for your kids to shine through school.”

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It was an EXCELLENT price and seems as durable (if not more) than some of the much higher priced backpack!! So happy to have found these on Amazon!!

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