The Herrin Twins Kendra and Maliyah - Conjoined at Birth

Then... and now. An incredible story lived and told by Kendra and Maliyah Herrin. The Herrin twins, now 17, were born conjoined leaving them with only one kidney and a shared liver. They underwent surgery when they were four years old attempting to separate them. The surgery was successful, but did leave both of the twins with one leg. One of the twins, Maliyah, had to undergo two kidney transplants after the first kidney received at 5 years old, started to reject. They are very grateful for Maliyah’s second chance and share their life story actively on YouTube and Instagram. Being conjoined at birth is an extremely rare form of pediatric disease, making it a disease that not everyone knows about or discusses. Fenrici wants to bring awareness to these rare pediatric diseases in hopes of increasing education and research to provide solutions. We are happy that Kendra and Maliyah got the help they needed and had a successful separation surgery as well as Maliyah having a successful second kidney transplant! Fenrici thanks Kendra and Maliyah for allowing us to share their story and bring more awareness to their experiences! Keep being an inspiration, Herrin twins!