Two Year Old Evan Embraces His Inner Hero While Battling Pediatric Cancer

This little pediatric rare cancer hero is Evan! Evan was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in January of 2017. Three months after diagnosis, Evan went through round 3 of Chemo and it went amazing! Shortly after, his hemoglobin levels wavered and due to being neutropenic, he had a high fever following with a seizure. He received transfusions and although his blood tests weren’t very good, they had improved. Evan had a bacterial infection in his chemo port and had to have surgery. With continuous fevers and low blood counts, finally good news was received in April when Evan’s family found out that his tumor was half the size as it was in January. From transfusions, to hospital visits, nausea, liver surgery, and to recently, Evan’s neuroblastoma relapsing… Evan has been through a lot. And to think he’s only two is incredible, as well as his fight. To be two and go through all of this is amazing and inspiring, and his strength will continue to show and push him through this. We wish the best for you Evan! Follow the tagged page to follow Evan’s story. It is hard to grasp why these horrible diseases occur in children, but Evan is an inspiration with his frequent smile and strength despite his neuroblastoma. You will be in our prayers, Evan! Thank you, Evan’s family, for sharing his touching story with us.