Mason and Sadie Take on Ataxia-telangiectasia Side By Side

Meet 14 year old Mason and 11 year old Sadie, each individual in their own interests and hobbies! However, they do share a progressive, degenerative disease called Ataxia-telangiectasia, also known as “A-T”. A-T is a rare genetic disease that appears in early childhood and affects 1 in 40,000-100,000 babies. A-T affects body systems such as the brain, lungs, and immune system and is accompanied by many different features, of which can mirror symptoms associated with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and certain lung disorders. They are also much more likely to develop cancer, particularly leukemia and lymphoma. While there are different probabilities of a child having certain characteristics of A-T, one characteristic is certain. Specifically, 100% of children with A-T experience relentless loss of muscle control due to brain cell death that affects their walking, speech, swallowing, and reading. This disease has currently no cure and no way to slow the progression. However, A-T doesn’t slow down Mason and Sadie as they continue to enjoy life. Sadie loves art and chocolate and adores unicorns, while Mason loves football and play games! Mason and Sadie fundraise the charity A-T Children’s Project that specifically works with A-T while doing innovative research, developing potential therapies, organizing scientific conferences and sponsoring a multidisciplinary clinical center for A-T. We hope you continue to love life and greet each day with these adorable smiles. Your friends at Fenrici are rooting for you, Mason and Sadie!