Nicholas - TAR Pediatric Hero

Meet Nicholas! Nicholas was born with TAR - which as his mom says, “affects his limbs, not his sweet fun personality.” Nicholas is prided on his resilience as well as all that makes him unique! Nicholas was born in 2017 with TAR. TAR is Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects his blood as well as his limbs. Due to the effects on the blood, Nicholas doesn’t produce the amount of platelets others do which causes bruising and puts him at high risk of hemorrhage and severe bleeding. To deal with TAR, he receives platelet transfusions every 12 - 14 days. Nicholas has managed to live with giggles and smiles despite TAR and doesn’t allow it to effect him. We can all learn from Nicholas! Thank you, Nicholas for embodying resilience! Thank you Christina as well for allowing us to share his story! Follow their story at @uniquelyusbrothers.