Hero Ellie - B Cell ALL (Leukemia)

Meet Ellie! This smiley girl is 10 years old and a pediatric hero! Ellie is currently fighting B Cell ALL (leukemia). B Cell ALL is Cancer of the blood and bones and although it is the most common of the 3 types, it still is a battle to go through!
Ellie is on a 3 year treatment plan and has started Chemo with several visits to the hospital. Between weekly lumbar taps, meds and transfusions, she’s had over 45 chemo infusions via port and 15 lumbar pokes. Wow! It is amazing what battles pediatric heroes face and we love to share their stories and inspire others. Please follow @ashsara1 to support hero Ellie on her journey! Thank you @ashsara1 and family for allowing us to share Ellie’s story! Prayers to you and your family. ♥️