Ali Battles Leukemia Embodying Bravery and Resilience

Our Fenrici heroes inspire us with their resilience and bravery. Ali is no exception! Ali was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago. After not going into remission in 2018 as hoped, Ali had to have a bone marrow transplant alongside the required 2 years of chemo treatments. However, Ali had difficulty finding a match for a bone marrow transplant and while waiting for her cells, her leukemia spread to over 50% of her marrow. Despite the trials and tribulations, Ali received results that the CAR-T therapy she went through worked and she was cancer free. Additionally, Ali was able to receive her mother’s bone marrow in January of this year. How special and amazing is that? Unfortunately, despite being a 100% donor, Ali relapsed in April of 2019. That being said, Ali and her family decided to do the new dual CAR-T trial in Stanford to fight her relapse. Shown in the picture, Ali is wearing a necklace that says, “She Believed She Could, So She Did”. Ali - you are an incredible hero that has fought many battles and did not let them defeat you. We BELIEVE you can, too! It is incredible watching and reading Ali’s story and all it encompasses through the words of her mother, Heather, and the ups and downs that have accompanied it. We thank you Ali, and family, for allowing us to truly inspire others with your positivity and fight you’ve had along this journey!