Wynter living a life filled with joy

In February 2014 Wynter was diagnosed with ALL, by the time it was diagnosed and they began treatment, the cancer was so severe that she needed to be LifeFlighted. A couple days later, her cancer had become so significant in her spinal column, that it began to form chloromas, which cut off the blood flow to her legs, causing a spinal stroke and leaving her permanently paralyzed. She remains wheelchair bound to this day. Her chemo was not as successful as other kids in treatment and she was not where she was expected to be. Her chances for survival got lower and lower. Her best option for the greatest long term results was a bone marrow transplant. She and I put our lives on hold for months and traveled to Boston. The treatment she received there was nothing short of life saving and miraculous. Wynter is now nearly 4 years in remission, and despite the life long deficits that cancer has caused her, she is happy, healthy, and living a life filled with joy.