Resilience Means.... From Pediatric Rare Disease Hero, Autumn, and Her Family

Words from @melissac3233 about what resilience means to her family and their daughter Autumn! “@fenrici donates a portion of proceeds towards rare genetic diseases research and education.
Hello, Meet my daughter Autumn 😊 She has 10 rare genetic diseases. 7 are still pending research and information.
However, The 2 top major ones are MELAS Disease- Non treatable & curable. Progressive as well. We are unsure how she will progress through this disease as results are still pending on her true % for the disease. The next 1 is SPTAN1, Autumn is the 10 known person in the world to carry this rare seizure disorder. The minor 1 is 1Q21.1 microduplication. Variable in symptoms. To date Autumns symptoms from all diseases combined are Seizures, ADHD, Tremors, lazy eye, very mild hearing loss, muscle weakness from the waist down, some muscles are non functioning (muscles in the ears and intestines) She takes daily medication and often is in pain. You’d never know it meeting her or even just looking at her. She’s so witty, kind, has a big heart, and very generous. Thank you @fenrici for the appreciated continued efforts to support rare genetic diseases and for sending my little girl such an awesome backpack! It’s so roomy and has a lot of storage to store all goodies she needs for either school or even long hospital stays! 👏🥰🥰🥰😘😍” thank you for sharing this story of resilience! We are happy our Fenrici backpack is able to accommodate your needs and even more happy we were able to share your story to inspire other heroes!