Lucy Continues to Love Life While Fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1

This is Lucy! Lucy has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. When she was four months old - some signs started to arise about lack of muscular strength with holding up her head while sitting up. Her day does not begin like the average humans - it begins with treatment. She is assisted with breathing by the use of a vent and then gets situated with her hand and leg braces, following with a shaker vest. It doesn’t end there - there are several machines to help her with breathing, suction, and then feeding. However, this treatment isn’t done with the help of a hospital or of a nurse, but all of her family! The whole family helps to make Lucy comfortable and aid her with what she needs. It’s a hectic morning with many tasks to complete, but everyone supports and assists Lucy the whole way. Lucy doesn’t let her SMA burden her at all - she handles every trial and tribulation amazing and loves to enjoy life, goes to school, eat mashed potatoes, sing in the car and is filled with humor and love! Her family had nothing but kind and amazing words to say about Lucy, and we encourage you to go to her tagged instagram page and watch the video in the bio. Her life is precious, and her family shows her endless amounts of support driven by faith and hope - they don’t let her SMA consume them, but keep trekking on. “My perspective is that life is hard for everyone, and this is just something that life has thrown us and it is possible to be happy and for your child to be happy” - Lucy’s mom. Thank you Lucy and your family for letting us share your story! Your support and love for Lucy is amazing and we wish you the best. Never stop having faith!