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      Heroes Who Inspire All of Us — #BeKindAlways

      Mattie J.T Stepanek a Poet, a Hero, and So Much More

      Mattie J.T Stepanek a Poet, a Hero, and So Much More

      "In believable, achievable, and understandable ways, his messages remind us that hope is real, that peace is possible, and that life is worthy" 13-year-old poet and inspiration, Mattie.

      Mattie was one of four siblings that were all claimed by a rare neuromuscular disease at a young age. However, he did not let his disease emotionally "claim" him as he spoke to thousands of people, sharing messages of hope and peace and advocating for improved hospice laws. He wrote several New York Times bestselling books and was featured on many talk shows. The timeline goes on of incredible feats that Mattie accomplished before passing the messages onto his mom, and eventually passing on.

      He leaves his legacy and inspiration, and leaves us with resilience. Those claimed by pediatric rare disease need more time, we hope someday we can help give it to them with every donation.