Our Purpose

Fenrici is a new, socially responsible company that offers high quality products including backpacks, lunch boxes, and thermos for kids between K-6th grade. 

5% of proceeds from our product sales are used to fund the education and research of rare pediatric diseases through national non-profit organization Global Genes. We also foster an online community of inspiring stories of children and families who have been affected by rare pediatric diseases.

Fenrici backpacks, lunch bags, and thermos for kids are now available for sale on Amazon.com (https://amzn.to/2C1pKFd) Please support our mission by sharing our stories and products!

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO Mike Zhang enjoyed his success in many businesses. Yet he was constantly looking for something more meaningful and that can have more impact on the customers he serves. Mike's wife, Inga Hofmann, is a Pediatric Oncologist who has dedicated her life to treat kids with cancer and rare diseases. Both have been inspired by the resilience and hope from those families and children who have been impacted by childhood cancer and rare diseases.

Mike and Inga now have two school-age kids. Like every parent, they want to instill resilience into their children's characters. That's how the Fenrici idea was born. Fenrici brands will not only provide high quality products with a great price, but also partner with you and pediatric rare diseases community to teach kids resilience and other important characters.

We will start with including a special message in each backpack we sell. In addition, we will provide an online community for children and families to share their stories of challenge and triumphs. 

When you purchase one of Fenrici high quality and stylish products for your children and yourself, we will donate 5% of proceeds to the education and research of pediatric rare diseases. 

Thank you for being part of the Fenrici family as we stand together with those brave children and their families. We love to hear from you. Please share your stories and comments on our Facebook page - https://facebook.com/fenrici.