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      Our Purpose

      Fenrici is a mission-driven company that builds quality products for students of all ages while inspiring the spirit of resilience through stories, community, and compassion. 

      We partner with families and children who have been touched by pediatric rare diseases to share the stories of determination, hope, and selflessness. A portion of proceeds from our product sales are used to fund the education and research of pediatric rare diseases through the national non-profit organization Global Genes

      Since the onset of Covid-19, we leveraged our supply chain expertise to quickly acquire PPE and work with local and state governments to support frontline responders with quality products. We have worked with our KN95 masks supplier to go through stringent assessment process and secured FDA Emergency Utilization Authorization. We are looking forward to partnering and serving those who are in need to win their heroic fight against Covid-19.

      Our Story

      Fenrici was founded by Mike Zhang, husband of a Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Inga Hofmann, who has dedicated her life to treat kids with cancer and rare diseases. Both Mike and Inga have been inspired by the resilience and hope from those families and children who have been impacted by childhood rare diseases.

      Having two school-age children, Mike and Inga recognize the importance of teaching and inspiring kids with the stories of resilience and selflessness. That's how the Fenrici idea was born and it was named after their two kids' names in Latin.

      The first line of Fenrici products that was launched in June 2018 includes backpacks, lunch bags, and thermos. Each backpack was given a name with a key character of resilience - Persistence, Bravery, Joy, Confidence, Hope, Imagination, Perseverance, Strength, Kindness, Faith, and Gratitude. Each backpack also includes two cards of inspirational messages - one for the owner of the backpack, the other to be shared with a friend. 

      Since its launch in June 2018, Fenrici has served over 15,000 kids and families with its quality products. It has inspired millions of people with real-life stories and messages of hope and determination. In addition, Fenrici backpack earned many accolades including a top spot on the Best Kids Backpack list by NBC Today. 

      We invite you to become part of the Fenrici family as we stand together with brave children and families to inspire the world to maximize our God-given potential. We'd love to hear from you. Please share your stories and comments on our Facebook page -

      Fenrici products are now available for sale on ( Please support our mission by sharing our stories and products!