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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Anna Torres
      Works great

      I like that it is soft so if I put a larger container in it I can still close it. Also Very easy to clean.

      Celia Munoz

      This is a good quality lunch box. I love the design, which is very vibrant. It has one large zippered compartment for your food. The front of the lunch box has a thin compartment that is closed with velcro. This is good for a thin ice pack.
      This fits my son's lunch easily. I pack a juice box or pouch, a standard-sized sandwich, an apple or 3 clementines or a bag of sweet peppers, and treats, such as a bag of popcorn. All of that easily fits into this lunch box.
      My son has to carry this in his backpack with him all day as they are not using lockers and there have been zero issues with leaks or condensation. It's made well.

      Wilma Glover
      My daughter loves this one

      It keeps items cool. I can pack a sandwich, a drink, bag of chips and a sandwich bag full of cut up fruits, and still have a little room leftover. It has a pocket inside and outside. I use that for napkins and/or spoons if needed. It also is is very easy to clean out due to the material inside.

      Joann Pratt
      Cute & lots of space.

      My little one picked this cause it matches her backpack the best. It does have lots of space in it. It's easy for my 6yr old to open and close by herself and it has a pocket on the outside and the inside of it. It seems like good quality and my kid loves it.... so there's that.

      Alice Rogers
      Cute and well made

      My daughter picked out the print and LOVES it! Definitely sturdy enough to last the whole school year.