Fundraiser set up to collect medical gowns for Wisconsin healthcare workers

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A GoFundMe page is working to raise $3 million dollars to secure personal protective equipment for Wisconsin healthcare workers and first responders.

Fenrici Brands, in partnership with the Madison-based nonprofit Center for Community Stewardship, are calling the fundraiser, PPE for Wisconsin.

The goal is to acquire 120 thousand personal protective gown and then use a chartered airliner to bring them directly back to the Badger state.

Mike Zhang, the Founder and CEO of Fenrici Brands, says time is of the essence when it comes to protecting those at the front lines.

“Time is of the essence and we want to pitch in,” Zhang said. “We believe personal protective gowns is a critical component of personal protective equipment, that’s why we want to launch this fundraising effort.

Fenrici Brands has a number of manufacturing contacts in China and is working with those facilities to obtain similar medical gowns healthcare workers used there to fight the virus.

“Their situation is a little bit better right now and they have the capability to produce these [gowns] but there is a huge competition between the nations and states on the limited amount of products,” Zhang said.

So far the group has acquired and delivered over 10 thousand N-95 masks to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. It also has procured 30 thousand N-95 masks, two thousand face shields, 40 thousand surgical masks, and six thousand personal protective gowns from international markets.

The Wisconsin Medical Society is also supporting PPE for Wisconsin.

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