Kingston - Preemie Hero!

Meet Kingston! This brave little pediatric hero entered the world on July 24th, 2019 weighing 1 pound and 13 ounces. Kingston was born as a preemie, which is a premature birth that occurs in roughly 11 - 13% of pregnancies in the US. His family went through an emotional rollercoaster when he entered the world; from being hooked up to several machines and trying to win this battle, Kingston showed strength as he grew and continued fighting! Kingston is still smiling and fighting today with lung difficulties and needing a Trach, but nonetheless, he is here. He is living. He is breathing. He is a gift! A mother always has a special bond with her child, however, what is so special about the relationship that Kingston’s mom, Angie, and him share, is that Angie was a preemie baby as well. Everyday since Kingston’s birth to now, 307 days later, Angie has posted updates on her instagram From the triumphs to the hardships, she put it all out there with full transparency and we commend Angie for that! It isn’t easy - many people showcase the good on social media but that’s not reality. Reality is that pediatric complications are difficult. Sometimes parents of the heroes can feel helpless, lost, confused… it is inspiring to read and share stories showcasing these pediatric hero’s battles. It is important to bring awareness to all pediatric heroes! We applaud you Angie! We cannot imagine the strength you have but we commend you for keeping faith the whole step of the way!