Garrin - Trach Pediatric Hero!

Meet pediatric hero, Garrin! When Garrin was born, he spent five months in the NICU. Garrin was admitted to a Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in 2019. He had difficulty with his lungs and required breathing support and is still a patient at the Children’s Hospital now. Garrin has undergone tracheostomy, gastrostomy, and hernia repair. As well as having “...two diagnostic heart catheterization procedures, two CT scans, multiple bronchoscopies, and dozens of x-rays and lab draws” ( Our pediatric heroes go through things that some of us cannot even fathom. It takes an immense amount of bravery and perseverance for our child heroes as well as the families to battle these pediatric troubles. We want to focus on Garrin’s strength and still being here today to show his adorable smile! We are asking you all for your prayers as Garrin continues to fight! Please follow Garrin on his journey and stay updated with his posts as well as his mom, MJ’s, blog! Thank you MJ for allowing us to share Garrin’s story. We are praying for you! 😊💗